Steelcase Tents Collection | Private Office Spaces

Published: February 25, 2022
Author: Megan Bittinger

Workspaces are ever evolving and Steelcase is brining new ideas to the design and function of your office space! KR Office Interiors can help bring the new tent collection to your office space check out the video and let us know your thoughts!


From simple screens to small enclosures, work tents provide privacy and shelter in the office. The Steelcase tents collection provides four types of privacy screening.


1. The Boundary Tent: The Boundary Tent freestanding screen is a go-to for providing visual privacy and shielding in a wide range of spaces. A simple, organic shape makes it perfect as an extra layer of privacy in shared, ancillary spaces. Boundary Tent provides just the right protection to feel safe and comfortable in the open office.


2. Table Tent: Table Tent provides personal privacy when it’s time to focus. With shielding on three sides and overhead, Table Tent blocks out visual distractions and quickly converts any desk, bench or table into a safe and private place to work. Table Tent is able to accommodate a range of technology — from monitors to docking stations — and with no clips or clamps Table Tent is easy to set up and easy to move.


3. Pod Tent: Pod Tent is the perfect retreat from common office distractions, providing a comfortable, private working environment for focus or rejuvenation. Its unique and organic shape adds a compelling and unconventional visual aesthetic to the modern workplace.


4. Overhead Tent: provides a dynamic and airy layer of privacy to social and collaborative spaces in the open plan. Architecture-inspired, its soft and light form adds visual interest to any space while providing comfort and shielding allowing people to feel a sense of privacy while meeting or socializing in the open.


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Steelcase Tents Collection | Private Office Spaces


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