Personalize Your Office Furniture With Color, Fun Patterns, Different Textures

Published: December 4, 2020
Author: Megan Bittinger

What is the difference between a boring office and a really cool office? It all lies in finishes!  


We love color here at KR. Anytime you come into our office, you are going to see chairs that are colored in bright orange, bright green, bright blue, fun patterns, different textures. We like to mix it up because we want to show you all of your options.


Picking your finishes is actually one of the last steps that we will go through as we are working through designing your office space, but it's definitely one of the most important. It's going to make or break how your office will feel in the end. We get to pick things like your fabrics on your chairs as well as tack boards. We are going to pick paint colors, glass colors, plastic colors. We have a wide variety of finishes that we can possibly pick from to make your office uniquely yours.


We'll have you come into our business locations to show you a variety of fabric samples, plastic samples and laminate samples. We are going to look at both the color as well as the texture.


When it comes to plastic samples, you're going to see we have a large number of sample colors from which we can really match as close as possible to your company logo color when it comes to paint. We can match your company logo based on the exact pan tone color of your branch.


When it comes to laminates, we have a wide variety of wood grain finishes, pattern finishes, and solid finishes. We can really run the gamut when it comes to laminates.


The finish that will have the most variety though is fabrics. Whether it is vinyl or an actual fabric with pattern in it, we can mix and match as many fabrics as we need to. We can have solid colors, textures, patterns whether you want something a little bit more rustic or maybe residential or you want something with a really big pop of color. We can help make everything bright in your office space. Fabrics is where we get to play around the most to really match the office furniture design you want.


If you're in southwest Montana and you are looking to brighten up your office space, please give us a call and we are more than excited to help you make your office uniquely yours.


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Personalize Your Office Furniture With Color, Fun Patterns, Different Textures


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