Office Marker Boards | Write Notes, Track Projects Easier

Published: August 7, 2020
Author: Megan Bittinger

Marker boards can be used throughout the office space in both collaborative spaces and in private offices. Marker boards allow projects to be tracked easier and to quickly write down notes without having to use notebooks all the time. KR Office Interiors can provide a large variety of different types of marker boards to fit your desired application.

KR can provide a Canclarus Glass Board which is nice over existing marker boards in that they do not ghost after extended uses. The canclarus glass marker boards are magnetic and you can choose to have custom printing put on the marker board to layout the space as you see fit. You can also customize the marker boards by putting your logo on the board.

KR can also provide ceremic steel whiteboards in all sorts of sizes. Ceremic steel whiteboards are more cost effective, but are still magentic.

Any questions about marker boards or whiteboards then please get in touch with us.

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Office Marker Boards | Write Notes, Track Projects Easier


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