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Published: April 1, 2020
Author: Mountain Hot Tub

It’s always a pleasure to work with local businesses to design a workspace. Mountain Hot Tub came to KR Office Interiors after building a new large facility to consolidate 5 separate buildings into 1. With everyone under one roof, KR Office Interiors worked with them to design the office cubicle area for the sales and support staff.

KR Office Interiors designed the collaborative space, while still giving all employees the private space they needed to work efficiently. Laying it all out in CAD gave Mountain Hot Tub the opportunity to design, weigh different options, and make decisions, while making sure they could work within the available space. 

When it came to deciding the look they were going for, KR Office Interiors helped guide them through all of the options, from colors to fabrics, metal to plastic, or even glass. Each employee was able to try out a range of different office chairs and were allowed to pick out their own fabric and color to suit their individual style.

After the building was complete, KR Office Interiors assembled and placed all the furniture in the office space. After Mountain Hot Tub had worked in the space for awhile then they came back to make some final little adjustments that the customer requested.

Mountain Hot Tub extended a thank you to KR Office Interiors for sharing their thoughts and guiding them through the design-order-install process.

KR Office Interiors is a ‘full service’ company. KR is able to plan, design, specify, install and provide all your furniture needs for a new or existing workspace. KR can also work with your architect or designer as part of a professional and cohesive team so that you can just sit back and watch as your project comes together.

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Mountain Hot Tub | Office Furniture Testimonials


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