New Office Space | Megan Bittingers Redesigned Office

Published: April 22, 2022
Author: Megan Bittinger

We are always discussing other projects and featured Steelcase products but what about our own offices? Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors shows us her new office in this weeks video!


Some of the products that Megan went with from Steelcase include: 


  1. Currency Enhance Office Space - KR Office Interiors Megan Bittinger went with the currency enhanced office space from Steelcase for it's great function and beautiful design. With its extraordinary line of products, Currency makes an effective single solution for the workplace. Its carefully planned dimensions and variety of style choices means that Currency also blends with other applications and product lines like second nature. Currency desking and storage solutions integrate easily into modular panel systems. Megan chose a more open look to her storage overhead options but they can also come in closed options as well!
  2. Slim Leg Adjustable Desk - The slim leg adjustable height office desk provides a perfect balance of giving the user an ergonomic height adjustable option AND keeping true to an offices visual theme. The assembly for the height adjustability is fully hidden in some nearby storage to hide any wires or unseemly mechanics.
  3. Steelcase Leap Chair - The Steelcase Leap Chair provides unparalleled support and ergonomic comfort while being pleasing to the eye in any office space setting. It comes in a variety of fabrics, colors, and customization options. Let KR Office Interiors help you find your perfect chair match. 
    1. For More Information on the Steelcase Leap Chair watch our video:
  4. Dual Monitor Arms - With a sleek design and advanced features these Steelcase Dual Monitor arms can accommodate a wide variety of user preferences. Steelcase monitor arms are available in both single and dual monitor arm varieties.
  5. Slat Walls - Slatwall and SlatRail storage accessories can be stacked for multiple layers of customizable office storage or desk storage, and provide horizontal and vertical capabilities for worktools. Let KR Office Interiors help you create your perfect organized space today! 
    1. For more information on Slat rail and slat walls watch our video:
  6. Buoy - The Steelcase Buoy is a fun and functional addition to any office space. With five and a half inches of height adjustability, a built in handle, and only weighing 20lbs the Buoy is a both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient.
    1. For more information on the Steelcase Buoy check out our video:


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KR Office Interiors is a ‘full service’ company. We are able to plan, design, specify, install and provide all your furniture needs for a new or existing work space. We can also work with your architect or designer as part of a professional and cohesive team so that you can just sit back and watch as your project comes together. 

New Office Space | Megan Bittingers Redesigned Office


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