Big Sky Youth Empowerment | Office Furniture Selections

Published: July 10, 2020
Author: KR Office Interiors

KR Office Interiors helped design, order and install office furniture for Big Sky Youth Empowerment located in Bozeman, Montana. The non-profit required a number of different types of commercial furniture. Designer and project manager, Megan Bittinger, gives us a walk-through and talks about the furniture.

Lounge Sitting Area - Campfire Lounges by Turnstone bring style to any space with gorgeous fabric options and deep-seat comfort.

Lounge Countertop Area - Scoop stools by Turnstone which offer a clean and simple design. The fabric was choose to match one of BSYE's branding colors.

Workshop Rooms - Large combination of different types of furniture for sitting and being easy to move around the rooms. 

Back Lounge Area - Features a Millberry Bench from Steelcase and a couple of Turnstone Campfire Poufs which are one-size-fits-all seats, ideal for casual areas and can be moved anywhere.

Woodshop - Features a planner table from Smith Systems which is designed to meet the needs of today's creative learning spaces. These tables offer ample work space, casters for quick and easy transport & storage. Also equipped the room with matching Smith Systems classroom storage which has a number of storage configurations.

Training Rooms - Feature Steelcase move chairs, Steelcase FlipFlop Twin training tables and Steelcase Node chairs. The Move chairs easily stack if needed and the FlipFlop Twin training tables have casters to easily move, but also lock into position. The Node chairs have a plastic seat to make cleaning a breeze and the casters give you the freedom to re-arrange at will. The Node chairs also have a movable, worksurface area for students to easily use for taking notes, reading books, or work on laptops.

Private Offices - Configured differently to each employee's preference, but feature a combination of fixed desks, height adjustable desks, task chairs, buoys and pouf.

Big Sky Youth Empowerment | Office Furniture Selections


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